Therapy Partners

Therapy Services

Artisan partners with occupational, physical, and speech therapists that offer a variety of supportive services to our residents in the community. Several Artisan communities have a therapy gym located at the property.

Assessment After Move-In

At select locations, our therapy team will provide an initial screening (based on a physician order) to assess a variety of functions including cognitive and physical. Our therapists often assist residents with their transition to the community from setting up their room to helping them gain strength to improve mobility. Our therapy team develops a baseline from which we can track improvements or declines after a change in condition. Therapists work hand-in-hand with community staff to develop supportive plans during transitions after a medical event or other change in health status. Our goal is to help our residents improve function or regain strengths.

Services may include: 

  • Walking programs
  • Strength Training & Individual Fitness
  • Physical Therapy
  • Suite Safety & Modifications
  • Adaptive Equipment and Training
  • Balance & Gait Assessment
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Learning to Transfer
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Independent Dressing/Bathing
  • Incontinence Support
  • Relearning activities/hobbies
  • Improving memory
  • Speech Therapy
  • Cognitive Baseline and Support
  • Swallowing Exercises

Movement & Exercise Classes

Our therapy team assists Artisan staff in promoting and facilitating exercise classes that are tailored to our resident fitness levels. These are typically done in a group setting after breakfast so we can start our day with a wellness event. 


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