A Delicious Difference

Dining is an essential part of life and our resident’s well-being. At Artisan, we understand that food is not only necessary for nutrition, it is also an important opportunity for regular and ongoing social engagement. Traditionally, mealtimes have been the time for fellowship - where families gathered to relax and share their day. Our dining program offers meals that are home-cooked for flavor and served restaurant-style for comfort and convenience. Our attentive staff takes care of everything, enabling our residents to enjoy healthy, delicious, and relaxing meals with their neighbors.

As we get to know our residents we are able to anticipate and customize the dining experience. Artisan works with a dietician to design enjoyable and nutritionally appropriate menus. Special occasions and festive celebrations play an important role in our life engagement programs. Families are welcome to join us for a summer barbeque, holiday events or a casual meal with their loved one.


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