Resident Art Program

An important part of select Artisan communities is the engaging and stimulating art sessions for Artisan residents, led by our Artist-in-Residence. At art sessions, not only is amazing artwork created and confidence gained, but stories are told and memories are shared.

Resident artists think of warmer memories and spring scenes! - March 2019

Winter in Wisconsin has just continued (and continued!) over the course of the months, and yet again weather forecasts call for more snow, ice and cold on the way.  So it is a perfect time in art sessions to focus on warmer settings. 

Thoughts of Valentine's - February 2019

Valentine's Day is a big deal at Artisan! It's a holiday made for creating wonderful artwork (there is a never-ending array of themes and styles to try!) and there are of course so many wonderful memories of the holiday that our residents share at the art sessions.

Chinese New Year - and themes of Winter - January 2019

The Chinese New Year is a popular theme with our Artisan residents!  Wintry weather continues to be in full bloom in Wisconsin, and along with Artisan Resident Artist, Amy, residents continued to explore the season at the beginning of the year. In addition, the Chinese New Year was rapidly approaching so for a fun twist and lifetime learning the theme of the holiday was added to the art focus.

The Magic of Christmas-time at Artisan! December 2018

It is one of the favorite times of year for Artisan residents - Christmas time and the holidays!  It has been a month-long Christmas exploration, and Artisan resident artist Amy provided many forms of inspiration - images of Christmas flowers, decoration, landscapes, and religious themes were just some of what kept the conversation and creativity flowing.  There were also many other images that brought forth the fun - such as the Grinch and Rudolph, and S

So much to be thankful for - November 2018

As might be expected, much of the focus of conversation during art sessions, and the prevailing theme of the artwork itself, has been Thanksgiving during the month of November. And in addition, Artisan resident artist Amy introduced the idea of autumn birds into the mix as well - bird that include turkeys, ducks, pheasants, geese, owls, and quail. What gorgeous animals, and what wonderful inspiration for our residents!