Music & Memories

Our team works with family members to create personalized playlists for our residents. Older adults and people experiencing memory loss have the opportunity to reconnect with positive memories connected to music.  The jazzy sounds of Les Paul, the “King Elvis” or to the popular music of the 40’s and 50s – our residents often experience an improved mood and increased awareness.  A tranquil sense of calm and positive anticipation for the events to follow are also common experiences after a music and memory session.
Most people agree that music is a great form of entertainment, socialization and enjoyment. But when we listen to a tune on the radio we may be transported to days gone by and to the events that trigger the memory.  

Music and Movement

Our Enrichment Team provides the opportunity to give our residents unique ways to express themselves with music in specifically designed small group sessions. Group members might use special percussion or melodic instruments such as drums and bells. Sometimes moving to the music might involve colorful scarves that often inspire spontaneous dancing. The dynamics of the group experience is the pleasure of sharing a love for the same kind of music and improvisation movement. The result is improved coordination, mobility and social interaction.  


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