Autumn is a magnificent time of year, and a wonderful time for artists to find inspiration. From the pumpkins that are a part of Halloween, to the wonderful flowers that are abundant at this time of year (mums!) - from the colorful changing foliage to the breathtaking landscapes, there are so many artistic topics that our residents get excited about.

Artisan Resident Artist Amy knows how to get residents excited about the art projects, and brings in photos, books, and an assortment of the real thing (such as leaves, pumpkins and gourds). The art tables are graced with tons of inspiration.

The leaves themselves were something that excited the residents - they are such common items, yet are such beautiful elements that have been a part of everyone’s lives since childhood. Residents enjoyed the variety of art supplies - black Sharpie to draw, oil pastels to color, and watercolor and salt to paint. All residents were very pleased with the results.

These autumn-inspired art sessions brought forth much conversation, laughter, and support for one another.