Resident artists think of warmer memories and spring scenes! - March 2019

Winter in Wisconsin has just continued (and continued!) over the course of the months, and yet again weather forecasts call for more snow, ice and cold on the way.  So it is a perfect time in art sessions to focus on warmer settings. 

Residents embraced the opportunity and created beautiful landscapes - many were inspired from gorgeous photographs that Resident Artist Amy brought in to share.  
In addition, Amy shared with resident artists the history of Fat Tuesday and of Mardi Gras, so that became another inspiration for fantastic artwork (lots of photos were part of what Amy shared!).
One of residents had gone to New Orleans for the big event, and shared, “It was a long time ago so I don’t remember much, but I do remember it was fun…. And wild.” 
Other residents artists took their art in different directions.  One has never been the ocean, so didn't connect with those photos but instead focused on the birds she loves. Another resident looked at all the photos Amy brought, and then used them as inspiration to paint abstractly, taking elements from some of the images she saw. Sunsets were a popular choice one afternoon, and resident used paints, chalk pastels, and even crayons.