Chinese New Year - and themes of Winter - January 2019

The Chinese New Year is a popular theme with our Artisan residents!  Wintry weather continues to be in full bloom in Wisconsin, and along with Artisan Resident Artist, Amy, residents continued to explore the season at the beginning of the year. In addition, the Chinese New Year was rapidly approaching so for a fun twist and lifetime learning the theme of the holiday was added to the art focus. Photos of beautiful Chinese art, zodiacs animals, and traditions of the holiday were offered as inspiration. Amy also shared information about zodiac signs and characteristics, which were a big hit!

Lots of information was on hand so that residents could learn about the Chinese culture. Amy read information about the holiday and everyone learned about their Chinese zodiac animal and traits....which created much laughter.

There was also a great deal of discussion and chatter about the incoming snow storm and polar vortex - it was big news even in Wisconsin. Pieces created included a painting of peacocks, a dog and cat in the snow, and a cardinal in winter. Some of our residents have memories about the holiday from years past. One resident remembers being in Hawaii when the holiday began one year: “It was so loud! There were firecrackers everywhere! We finally had to go back to the hotel. 
And you should have seen Waikiki Beach the next day! It was covered in firecracker paper.” This resident drew a poppy piece based on a photo of Chinese art - it was gorgeous. 

Also included in recent art sessions were many different depictions of lots of varied wintry subject matters - many times with color thrown into the mix.