The beauty of fall in Wisconsin - October 2016

It's a favorite time of year for many residents - the autumn season that showcases the gorgous change of colors for the season. There were so many different things used for inspiration during art sessions with Artisan's artist in residence Amy - photographs, picture books, large autumn leaves, pictures of birds that many of us see this time of year, and the amazing memories of these hard-working artists from many years ago.

Our residents quickly gravitated to their different interests during fun, active art sessions - some loved the idea of painting birds in fall trees. Some painted birch trees, with striking backgrounds behind them. Others focused on the leaves themselves - there are so many layers to the colors and textures found in autumn foliage. And while paint is a popular medium, some residents enjoyed the colored pencils and found they could get their desired results best with those.

Some of our Artisan residents work on just one piece of art, and spend a great deal of time working it over and getting every detail 'just so'. Other resident artists decide they like to create multiple pieces of art in a session - the work flows fast and free from their hands, and they cannot stop coming up with new ideas! Every type of artist is encouraged to enjoy their creation process and their amazing works of art.