Fabulous winter artwork by residents - January 2016

It's winter in full swing at Artisan communities - and our art sessions certainly reflect the season!  Winter landscapes are a favorite of many of our residents, and so many of our residents have wonderful memories of spending days in past years outside in the snow.

We see lots of wonderful snowy-lined woods and paths - these really do show what winter in Wisconsin is all about. Birds also have been a very popular focus in many pieces of artwork, and these creations are especially lovely and capture the essence of these majestic creatures. Some look like they are ready to fly right off the page!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and many residents are excited to start making valentines! Amy, our Artist in Residence, has had special requests from many to help make wonderful valentines for friends and loved ones, and the art session participants are all having a wonderful time getting ready for the holiday. We love to see the excitement of our residents as they look to turn the wonderful artwork they create into gift and surprises for loved ones.

Happy February and happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Artisan!