This is the time of year when activities outside are the thing to do – and Wisconsin’s great outdoors includes rivers, lakes, and of course fish. Artisan Resident Artist Amy brought to recent art sessions fishing magazines, books, beautiful photos…..and a real rainbow trout!  The visuals, along with the smells, provoked many memories and some wonderful art.

Residents gave a great response to the the rainbow trout was met with a great response…. There was surprise, delight, disgust, “Eeow!”, and much laughter.  Many resident recalled fishing when younger – one resident shared, “I used to fish with my dad. I was just a teeny little thing back then. That fish [pointing to the real trout] brings back memories. It smells like it!” That response got lots of laughter.

Another resident explained,… “I used to go fishing down in the bayou until an alligator came out. Been fishin’ up here, too. Devil’s Lake, Sauk City, up North.”  We also heard a wonderful memory from another resident, “I used to go fishing with my dad. My mom wouldn’t go, but then she would join us for lunch. She’d bring us bologna and cheese sandwiches.”