Summer, summer everywhere - July 2016

Wisconsin is a wonderful place to be in the summertime with beautiful lakes and parks, landscapes, flowers and living creatures, festivals, food and music found all across the state. In Madison, the majestic Capitol Building has a special magic in the warmer months. Our Artisan residents found that they have many memories that become a centerpiece of art sessions, and this leads to many creations and the sharing of memories of summers from the past.

Look through this small sampling of creations from the month of July and it becomes clear that the talent from Artisan residents is astounding, as is the cultivation of this talent by our Artisan Resident Artist Amy who works with our residents and encourages them to share all that they can on paper. Whether oils, pastels, watercolors, pencils, crayons, or other materials, the creativity comes forth full-force in all the artwork of our residents. Artwork is inspired by books, photos, and real materials whenever possible.....and of course the discussions that bring forth memories for our residents, that go back to all that they have experienced over the years, is the favorite source of inspiration. Watching the creation of these masterpieces by Artisan residents is beyond extraordinary.