Valentine's Day Artwork by Artisan Residents - February 2016

Valentine's Day is a beloved holiday at Artisan - our resident artists love to both create art for themselves and for their community (as this artwork inspires them and reminds them of years gone by!), and as well residents love to create gifts for friends and loved ones.  We love to see all the fabulous art creations, and witness the lively and fun art sessions leading up to the holiday!  

For recent Valentines sessions, Artisan Artist in Residence Amy continued her Valentine focus by adding more themed elements to the mix. She brought images of hearts, old fashioned Valentines, roses, and love birds and an assortment of materials… paper, doilies, scissors, and glue all to provide inspiration. Resident chose to create art in a variety of ways. One resident drew a scene made mostly of hearts....another created a heart house with heart windows and a tree with heart leaves (quite charming!). Another artist painted some lovely roses and then a cardinal; yet others used oil pastels and watercolors to create heart art. One resident was inspired to paint love birds she started last week, and another gravitated toward a heart drawing using markers.
The common theme:  residents laughed and had a ball!