The blossoms, landscapes, and colors of summer - June 2018

June is here and the flower of June is the rose, but at Artisan.....we find that so many of our residents love ALL flowers, and we all agree these different types of flowers together all make our world a more beautiful place!  Much of Artisan Resident Artist Amy's encouragement did focus on the rose itself, but she also engaged the residents in discussion about what other flowers are blooming right now in our world.  And there was myriad inspiration that was brought to the table: big, gorgeous photos of roses, daisies, poppies, and peonies made the discussion come alive.... plus real flowers graced the tables, too. Amy also shared the histories, meanings, and science of the flowers along the way which added an additional level of interest to the subject!

The discussion with residents centered around the many different kinds of flowers and the favorites of everyone.  One resident loves roses: “They’re so beautiful. Red is my favorite.” She especially liked learning about their history.

Another resident shared some stories, too. “I remember having moss roses on the farm. My father-in-law grew lots of flowers… LOTS.”

Other favorites are poppies, daisies, and peonies. Residents shared many stories of gardens from the past. Some of the discussion and banter turned quite lively with lots of conversation and support of each other as artwork was created.  Some had smiles as they made jokes and their art. Another resident talked throughout the process of art creation about how she wasn’t doing well, but in the end she loved the results. This is when the artwork is so, so rewarding!