Thoughts of Valentine's - February 2019

Valentine's Day is a big deal at Artisan! It's a holiday made for creating wonderful artwork (there is a never-ending array of themes and styles to try!) and there are of course so many wonderful memories of the holiday that our residents share at the art sessions.

What does Valentine's Day mean? It means a time to share love with your family and friends who mean so much. It means thoughts of flowers and birds .... and candy to celebrate!  It means lots of hearts, and the colors of red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, and other cheery shades.

Our resident artists always greatly enjoy the Valentine's Day art sessions. There were many different creative versions of hearts that our residents experimented with - from a black background with a vibrant heart with many different colors, to experiments with partial creation of hearts that still signified the holiday and the season.  Hearts were also found growing out of the ground, and were found in trees that were also aflutter with birds chirping happy sounds. We love the pair of lovebirds (love owls?) in the tree that signify the warmth and love and caring of the Valentine's Day holiday.