Brightening the long winter days with fantastic resident artwork - January 2018

Art sessions with residents at Artisan are simply wonderful....and are truly unpredictable in the direction the artwork and the conversation will flow!  Art sessions in January started to look foward to the happy and much-anticipated holiday of Valentine’s Day....and Artisan resident artist Amy always throws new things into the mix, and adds other cultural elements (like the Chinese New Year, since this year it starts the day after Valentine’s Day). Our residents agree, it’s always fun to explore other cultures and learn new things.

Art sessions include a great deal of laughter - and we love the sessions where laughter comes easy and often. Many sessions also include active times of conversation. A recent art session welcomed a new Artisan resident, and it was discovered that the hometown of the newly-joining artist was St. Louis (also Amy's hometown, which means those two had a great time chatting and remembering!).

Another session in January was truly a lovely afternoon for all residents, as everyone seemed especially focused on their art.  At this session, the music playing was heard more than the conversation, which lent itself to a very serene atmosphere. Artwork created with colored chalk flowed forth, and gorgeous landscape scenes and pieces of flowers and blossoms were created. 

At times, residents choose to focus on the subject at hand (such as Valentine's Day). Other times, residents choose to go in a different direction, and select other subjects, such as a winter landscape, Chinese mountains, a horse, or snowflakes. The artwork created always has a story behind it - and every piece is incredibly special and unique, and is much appreciated!