The Brilliant Sunflowers of August 2016

What better way to celebrate summer in Wisconsin than by creating fabulous works of art centered around the theme of sunflowers? Our resident artists had a wonderful time creating their masterpieces in a variety of ways: one of our residents shared memories of being a ranch hand many years ago, while he worked completely independently to create a sunset over a field of sunflowers. Artisan Artist in Residence Amy assisted another resident with an artistic rendering of a single sunflower - this interesting and energetic lady was engaged and talked the entire art session. Another prolific resident drew many pictures, all with flowers (and yes, some of them sunflowers!) and each and every one of the lovely pictures is unique and special. Yet another artist who loves flowers and is especially drawn to sunflowers painted two separate and very special pieces in these art session.

Experimentation was also part of the process - one of our residents decided to not use paint and instead use chalk to draw a field of the flowers. Another had a hard time envisioning the end product through the process at hand - so Amy gave him a marker and told him to just work on it as he could, and to see how things were going - this gave the resident confidence to continue his work. Another one of our residents opened up during the art sessions and chatted freely with everyone around her, and found great joy in showing appreciation for the work of all those around her. 

We love all these fabulous works of art!