Bring on the Valentine's Day hearts and Love! - February 2018

February is a wonderful month – not least of all because of Valentine’s Day! Artisan resident artist Amy really inspired all Artisan residents as she shared lots of different Valentine’s images, information and facts, and event jokes related to the holiday.

Also this year we experienced a Super Blue Blood Moon….this hasn’t happened in 150 years so it’s something special. Amy also brought lots and lots of info about this special event to share with residents, including beautiful full moon photos and details about what happened before the sun rose on the special day. One of our residents, who grew up on a farm, talked about the time of the Moon Event viewing: “that’s [5:30am] not that early.”

One very special piece of art that came from the moon inspiration was a full moon landscape with oil pastels, and then watercolor and salt were used to enhance the drawing. This artist was very pleased with the results - especially the special effect that the salt made with the watercolor.

The Valentine’s jokes that Amy shared went over very well …. and this helped bring forth lots of Valentine’s inspiration! One of residents painted a lovely piece for the holiday with cats and birds and hearts, while another struck a colorful and playful tune with an artistic heart. For the latter, the artist, who is sometimes tough on her own work, exclaimed, “I really do like this one.”

Some of our other resident artists chose to work with coloring pages – there are so many options for all of our resident artists to work on what they choose to do.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well - with warm artwork to make the holiday even more special!