Exquisite Butterflies and Blossoms - May 2016

Butterflies are a rite of passage to springtime in Wisconsin. These creatures are lovely, graceful, colorful and delicate. They are an inspiration to artists, and to the resident artists at Artisan communities.

Our residents talked at length with Amy, our Artist in Residence, about the difference between butterflies and moths, and discussed fun facts about the species during art sessions. One resident painted two separate butterfly paintings using the same image as inspiration - only with different paper. What a wonderful artistic experiment!

Some residents were a little bit quiet at first during sessions, but then gained confidence and painted lovely butterflies with flowers. One resident in particular was very energized by the topic, and drew thirteen pieces in all during a series of session - mostly all of them butterflies! Another resident who has been very shy came to a session and drew a lovely moth.  This resident was very hesitant at first, but eventually got into the process and Amy put tape on the back of her piece because she wanted to hang it in her room.  And there the artwork will remain, bringing joy to all who see it!