Fall Flowers and Wisconsin Landscapes Fill Artisan with beauty - September 2016

Once Labor Day arrives, thoughts turn to the season of autumn in so many ways. At Artisan communities, our residents are inspired to be creative in the spirit of the new season - including in the inspiration that is a very important part of the art sessions that take place.

Artisan Artist in Residence Amy has noticed that residents love the idea of creating seasonal landscapes of Wisconsin so much so that the theme carried on for multiple weeks. Amy is fabulous at bringing inspiration to all the artists - she will share wonderful, detailed and vibrant photos of many scenes around the state.  Residents have also shown that they love to paint flowers and blooms of the season. So Amy went on a hunt to find all the flowers that are in bloom locally in late summer and early autumn: asters, mums, sunflowers, black-eyed-Susans and more. The resulting art that was created is simply stunning.

And the sessions are so much more than the art itself - there is talking, friendship making, and the sharing of memories. Amy noticed that during these sessions there was lots of social interaction, conversation, and laughs all around. It is exciting to see so much positive energy and confidence go into these beautiful works of art.