Fish! Fantastic visuals, wonderful memories, and lots of laughter - July 2017

There are so many stories that came forth when Artisan Resident Artist Amy introduced the topic of fish, fishing, boats, and fishing holes. There were many memories that our residents shared and some terrific fishing tales!
It seems that many of our residents truly love to fish, and had no shortage of things to say on the topic. One resident went fishing all the time with her father when she was younger, and it was memorable for her because her brother didn’t like to fish so it was the two of them who would go out. As she loves to get up early in the morning, it was a thrill to go out in the boat when the world was still and quiet. One of our residents also shared how she took a fly fishing class as an adult.
Another resident also shared, “I love fishing. I used to go all the time with my dad. We’d catch catfish and bluegill…” This resident channeled these memories into a pair of pieces; one was of a fishing boat at sunset, and the other was a largemouth bass jumping up to snatch a hook.
Another resident painted a fantastic piece of a lone fisherman at sunset.
Other residents shared that they years ago had fishing boats that they would take up north to cabins. One of our lady residents remembers being alone on the boat one morning when she heard a voice carried across the lake from another boat. She told us that one of the men exclaimed, “That man is a woman!”  That story created a lot of laughter. Another resident told us about how he used to take his son fishing, but his son was more interested in finding turtles.
The artwork created by all our residents is varied and absolutely beautiful from these include a fishing scene at sunset, a fishing boat at day painting, a fishing boat at sunset, pictures of fish themselves, a fishing stream, and much more. What fun sessions these were!