Halloween - and lots of autumn-themed artwork - is the highlight of October 2018!

It's one of our residents' favorite times of year.....Halloween!  What wonderful memories this holiday offers. We got into the full spirit of the season in recent art sessions with Halloween images, mostly of various jack-o-lanterns in different settings. The images provoke conversations about carving pumpkins long ago and Halloween memories of trick-or-treating - such as, “We’d go out until very late and come back with a big sackful of candy!”

One of residents explained that they didn’t do much with Halloween since she lived farther out on a farm. Someone else mentioned that sometimes farm kids would be driven into town for trick-or-treating. Another of our residents remembered a time before trick-or-treat. It was called “soap-or-grub”. Seems people had a choice between having their windows soaped or giving out food. Artisan resident artist Amy decided that we have evolved since then! 

Another memory from a resident caused the sharing of a story about an elaborate Native American costume she made for one of her daughters - the things we do for our kids! :)  But all the different stories shared inspired our resident artists to create some fabulous artwork from lovely 'Happy Halloween' signs, to moonlit skies, to autumn leaves, to pumpkins, to fall field that showcase all that the season has to offer.