Laugher, Memories, Flowers, and Landscapes: June 2017

Our Artisan Resident Artist, Amy, is able to find inspiration for art sessions in so many ways. She recently discovered a field of daisies blooming in her garden with a few poppies ready to pop, which then turned into art inspiration at some recent sessions.

In addition to gorgeous real blooms, Amy finds magnificient photos to bring even more varieties into the imagination of resident artists. And our residents realized that flowers are a reminder of gorgeouls landscapes, which in turn brings back memories of wonderful Wisconsin vacations!

The work that our resident artists chose to create is varied and diverse - but all bring terrific results. One artist at a recent session chose to landscape, in addition to a daisy paired with a ladybug. Another artist chose to work on a water scene with a sailboat floating along one of Wisconsin's notable lakes. From this popular art theme, many questions and stories came forth about travel everyone has been a part of in years past.

It is wonderful when sessions turn very social and lively, and when lots of conversation flows. We also find out that the art sessions are a terrific way to welcome new residents, as the talk flows easily and stories are shared. It is so rewarding to hear some of the excited comments during a session, such as, “This is fun! What an unexpected treat!” or "That is a beautiful piece you are working on!" The encouragement that residents share is heartwarming to witness.

Another offshoot from art sessions is writing; some of our residents choose to write memories either along with their artwork, or sometimes in place of the fine art project. But time and time again, we see budding confidence and shared compliments that show true support for everyone's creative efforts.