Longing for actual spring-like weather and warmer days - April 2018

Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, it is officially spring in Wisconsin. So Artisan resident Artist Amy worked with residents on this theme that residents were drawn to - beautiful warm days ahead! Amy first chose the earliest flowers to awaken, and inspiration at art sessions came from beautiful photos of colorful crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, forsythias, and pussy willows, along with some real flowers.

Amy and her residents had such a good time anticipating the true beginning of spring... a time without snow and flowers blooming. People talked about their favorite flowers and how they loved watching the flowers come up after a long winter.  

And the theme of flowers was a hit! Our residents had a hard time choosing what subject to use. They simply loved every one of the flowers that could be created!  One resident started a drawing of some pussy willows, of which she had fond memories growing up. Other residents chose to paint cheerful pieces of daffodils, including on coloring pages. Another drew a stunning pussy willow piece with colored chalk pastels. One resident diligently painted a colorful field of various flowers and a field of tulips....and then wanted to  paint an abstract piece using the same palette. 

Another resident painted a colorful piece of many different flowers....and even painted a kitten amongst flowers. Another started a painting looking at a dog sniffing red tulips. Conversations flowed easily, and discussion ranged from discussions of spring and gardens to traveling and kids.