May Day. Spring. Need we say more that residents have been patiently awaiting their arrival??!

Warmer weather. It is a continued want and desire of everyone living in our region…..and as May comes, another fun time of year to look forward to is May Day! There are so many details about the origin, history, and traditions of May Day around the world that Artisan Resident Artist Amy explained to the artists.  And, even though Mother Nature has delayed the blooming of flowers across the state, that didn’t stop everyone from being inspired by a multitude of photos that Amy brought of gorgeous flowers both shown in the distance in fields and close-up, and in vasefuls spilling over with colorful blooms.

Our residents have decided to create a wide variety of wonderful pieces. They include a painting of violets by a resident who had a difficult time choosing just one photo to work from – so many inspired her.  Another resident drew a road surrounded by gorgeous, full pink blossoming trees. Yet another resident painted two pieces, one of bleeding hearts, and another of warm, spring daffodils and grape hyacinths.

Another group of artists joined Amy in the art studio, and once everyone was settled into their happy place, the discussion turned to – you guessed it - flowers and gardening. It seems that lilacs are an overall group favorite and everyone had them at one time or another growing in his or her yard.
The comments on lilacs include, “They just smell so nice!”  and “They remind me of my grandmother.” It is wonderful to hear the memories that come from residents – art is so inspirational.

More works of art that were created: a chalk drawing of a basket of lilacs. A violet painting which then inspired the remaining paint to be used on an additional painting. Another resident painted a large, colorful piece of violets.  Yet another focuses on a flowering and blooming woodland.

All the spring works by Artisan residents are stunning!