May the luck of the Irish be with us all! - March 2018

St. Patrick's Day. It's a holiday that everyone loves, since everyone can be Irish on St. Patty’s Day! And much of the artwork focused on the holiday in the weeks leading up to March 17th. It was easy to get all our residents and guests in the mood - Artisan resident artist Amy played Irish music during art sessions, while the residents created fantastic pieces using beautiful photos of Ireland and fun images of leprechauns, fairies and Celtic symbols. The groups also learned about the Celtic zodiac and many Irish myths and legends from pookas to banshees to St. Patrick himself and shared some old Irish sayings. A large picture book of Ireland also was informational, as well as inspirational.

Our residents shared their nationalities - and some are truly Irish! (Those who are not are welcome to be Irish for the holiday :) ). One resident shared he had been to Ireland a few years ago with his wife and mother who had relatives there. Amy shared stories from her trip to Ireland last year.

The artists also had fun afternoons creating and learning about Irish lore. The Celtic zodiac was a hit. Artisan residents painted lots of various pieces of art, some of peacock feathers and shamrocks (also blooming shamrocks!), Irish landscapes, and more. Some artists chose to work on Irish coloring pages.

All during art sessions there was a great time talking, learning, laughing, and creating memories. Everyone enjoyed the information about Ireland and its legends: “That was so interesting! Thank you!”  Lots of various offshot art themes came up, such as a good luck piece and an Irish horse. Much fun was had by all - and everyone felt so lucky!