So much to be thankful for - November 2018

As might be expected, much of the focus of conversation during art sessions, and the prevailing theme of the artwork itself, has been Thanksgiving during the month of November. And in addition, Artisan resident artist Amy introduced the idea of autumn birds into the mix as well - bird that include turkeys, ducks, pheasants, geese, owls, and quail. What gorgeous animals, and what wonderful inspiration for our residents!

 Amy took the opportunity to share information about the history of Thanksgiving and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with everyone - these are fun stories to tell and to hear. Everyone had the opportunity to learn as they created. Some residents chose to combine the autumn birds wtih the theme of thanksgiving, such as one resident who painted an adorable piece of owls with a Thanksgiving Day greeting. Another resident drew a beautiful, majestic turkey with chalk pastels, and yet another painted pieces of turkeys and “Happy Thanksgiving” greetings.

And if the conversation is on Thanksgiving....well food, family, and fun have to be topics of conversation as well!  Amy even spiced up the conversation with some Thanksgiving Day jokes that were "pretty darn funny"!