Spreading the Joy and excitement of art to first-timers - February 2017

Art is and incredibly joyous part of life, and one of the most wonderful things about art is that it is welcoming to the newbie, the expert, or to the artist who has put aside tools for a while, only to pick them up again after a long hiatus. Artists of all ages and abilities are welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in art sessions at Artisan communities, and to create whatever their heart desires!

Artist in Residence Amy recently held a special workshop and spent a lovey social morning with a new group of Artisan residents who had never really studied or created art before....or if they had, it had been many, MANY decades earlier. What a wonderful group to work with! The group had a bit of skepticism as to their ability to really jump in and create art - but that quickly turned to much laughter and the embracing of trying something unknown and new. The topic for this particular group was "winter wonderland". Beautiful photos of snow scenes in the forests and the woods, stunning sunsets that can only occur on a cold winter evening, and a few birds in winter were our inspiration. There were some artists who chose to explore other topics - that was highly encouraged as well!  And in the end, all the artists did enjoy their work and they were able to appreciate the pieces that they created. Our Artist in Residence also explained that it was gratifying to witness all the support the artists gave to each other during this very special art session.

Art truly is life. What a beautiful experience for all.