The start of autumn - apple picking and fall colors galore! September 2018

As summer comes to an end and the season officially changes, the Artisan residents artists - and Amy! - look forward to beginning to explore the many lovely things about autumn. Recent art sessions focused on apples and apple trees, plus landscapes that capture the colors and shades of the season.  For one session, Amy brought in a fantastic assortment of colorful photos of apples and apple trees, along with a variety of real apples and information about the subject, for inspiration.

Conversation during sessions was lively. Although most residents stated their favorite season was spring, they all enjoyed talking about the beauty and fun of fall. “The colors are so beautiful in the fall.” One resident shared that she had several apple trees on her farm and that her that her father-in-law had “a really big orchard. He took really good care of it.” 

Other sessions on the topic were lovely, social art times with resident participants. Discussion centered on the seasons .... and on the weather!  Amy shared tales of Johnny Appleseed which were well-received and spurred more questions. Autumn tales brought forth much laughter!

Amy also had residents examine apples and guess the varitety of various types - as well as what each apple was best used for! Amy and residents also shared what they knew about history, uses, and tastes of familiar apples - some familiar, and some that no one had heard of before (very fun!).