The start to fall and myriad genres of art - Artisan residents explore it all! September 2017

September showed the enormous breadth of talents of our resident artist. Artisan Resident Artist Amy brought so many different ideas and themes to our residents, and they embraced them all and used so much creativity with these outstanding works of art. 

One theme was about the end of summer, and the late blooms that come forth.  Another session focused on the area birds that will soon be headed south, and one week was filled with a celebration of birds. Amy fills in so much information on the topics she brings to residents; in this case she brought in a bird book filled with information that invoked discussion (and memories!).

Portraits were developed by some, including a fantasic version of Albert Einstein. Landscapes were also created at multiple sessions - many were inspired by memories of living of different places in Wisconsin and in the Midwest.

Art sessions also bring forth fantastic conversation. Discussions covered varied topics such as babies, Texas, wildfires, and care for animals.  One resident shared he had worked in Yellowstone for a summer and volunteered to put out fires (everyone agreed his life was very interesting - this was just one of many stories he has shared over time!). As others agreed who had visited Wyoming earlier in their lives, "The sky is just so much bigger out there."

It never ceases to amaze or inspire us as to the direction Artisan resident artwork goes. Enjoy the amazing sampling from this month!