Summer scenes from around Wisconsin - August 2017

Artisan Resident Artist Amy has introduced many themes to community residents of Artisan - recently, a theme was farm-focused and was a wildly popular "hit" with the residents! So Amy has upped the possibilties, and with the inspiration she is so fabulous at bringing, she added farm pictures and even farm-fresh produce to the equation.

What is so special about these sessions is resident discussion is very lively, as everyone shares wonderful strories about farm life, and really showed how this theme brings back so may fantastic memories.

Anyone observing sessions would witness a great amount of discussion about farms and farmlife. As one resident who lived on a farm commented, “It’s a good life. We always had lots to eat and I got to be around all the animals. I got to ride horses. It was hard work, but it was a good life.” 

Another resident had a good friend whose family owned a farm. She recalled many stories of her time spent there, from picking peas from the field to eat to wandering into the bull’s field and barely making it out in time. (She shared that she likes the bulls.)  We saw residents then take the inspiration of both memories and of the visuals brought to the sessions, and draw a wide variety of wonderful images, from a field of corn with a sky background, to ducks on the farm, to magestic roosters, to a farm sunset. One favorite quote from the sessions:   “I’m just an ole farm girl.”

These sessions were afternoons full of art, memories, and laughter.