Summer in Wisconsin - the blossoms continue! July 2018

Summer life in Wisconsin is wonderful!  There is so much to see and do. Whether traveling to visit different towns and cities around Wisconsin (or the Midwest), visiting the lakes, farms, zoos, and many gardens across the land are memories of our Artisan residents.  Amy encouraged the sharing of these memories and this spilled over to some amazing artwork from our resident artists.

Amy brought out many photographs, and she talked to residents about all the different places they have been. Some of our resdients worked on coloring pages, while others painted beautiful flower pieces. Someone even painted a rooster from the Dane County Fair!

The subject of Frank Lloyd Wright came up - and one of our residents shared that she knew him socially through family and had even spent time at his house! “His wife was very social and did all the talking. He just sat there and didn’t say a word.” What wonderful memories all of enjoyed hearing about!

Other topics of conversation and subjects of artwork included farm landscapes and animals, plus beautiful and colorful fruits and vegetables grown on farms and available at farmers’ markets. Amy also shared some interesting tidbits about the history of some of the food used for artwork inspiration, as well as about farming in general.