Super colorful and fun autumn and halloween-themed artwork - October 2017

Artisan resident artist Amy brought in autumn-themed items that sparked lots of creative ideas from residents, and also added Halloween to the mix. Some of our residents liked things spooky and creepy - some prefered the playful and fun side of the holiday.

The one thing these art sessions did for everyone was bring back some great memories of past Halloweens....residents shared stories of trick-or-treating in particular. We heard about the making of costumes. One resident shared her sadness when one year, a parent mentioned that the family children might be too old to go trick-or-treating, which ended things for them.

Another resident who lived on a farm shared how the rural lifestyle wasn’t very conducive to trick-or-treating! Another said, “I remember staying out so late trick-or-treating. And we’d get lots of candy. Sometimes people would invite you in and give you cider or homemade treats. You didn’t have to worry about that back then.”
Another resident, “We lived on a cul du sac in Texas and the adults would just line up their lawn chairs on the street and the kids would parade past to get their candy.”
Yet another, “Sometimes they’d ask for our trick before they’d give us the candy and we’d have to sing or tell a joke or something.”

Talk during the sessions was not only of Halloween, but of autumn and the coming of colder weather. Some residents painted, some used chalk. One resident painted colorful autumn leaves,and another painted jack-o-lanterns. Yet another painted a Happy Halloween piece and an adorable collection of black cats, bats, and spiders. All the of the works are so different, yet they are all inspired and made their creators very proud.