A theme of summer bugs and flowers - August 2018

Yes, there are many MANY themes that come to mind at the mention of summertime in Wisconsin, but the theme and idea of bugs was very prevalent in many of the month's art sessions. This is something that Resident Artist Amy kept a feel of - what was on the minds of residents, and what would they have fun depicting in their artwork?  The idea of bugs (mainly butterflies!) and flowers (of course with gorgeous blooms) are simply favorites of our artists. 

And indeed, this IS the time of year when there are many flying and crawling critters abound. Amy brought in beautiful photos of dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, and butterflies to help serve as inspiration. But the floods in south/central Wisconsin were also on the minds of many reisdents - and discussion did turn to Mother Nature during sessions for a while.

Residents also talked about the foods that they do and don’t like.... One resident likes almost everything, but “I love the sweets. Cookies and ice cream! Mmm-mmm!”
The discussion that centered around natural beauty and the butterflies that are attracted to flowers brought out some glorious work from resident artists. One resident painted a butterfly piece and a ladybug piece, while another painted a striking landscape. One resident chose to draw two very different desert landscapes with chalk pastels. Another drew a tropical beach and a beach scene - all terrific memories of summer!