The transition from fall into winter - November 2017

The month of November is a wonderful time of year - as fall is in full swing and there is build up to the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. Plus, winter is right around the corner! The artwork by our residents this month reflects these feelings of transition, as artists had a wide range of interests in the sessions led by Artisan Resident Artist, Amy.

Some sessions found that participants wanted to focus on all things autumn or Thanksgiving - and in some cases, residents gravitated toward photos of animals in autumn, autumn landscapes, autumn sunsets, turkeys, and similar items for inspiration.
(A fun thing Amy did as well in recent sessions: she brought out the Thanksgiving and turkey joke book for entertainment! It was fun! They were a hit!)

We saw so much engagement from all artists, as they loved the theme and shared in lively discussions. One of our residents, a fun and charming gentleman, knows many of the jokes shared, and also had a lot of knowledge about turkeys.  

Many of the art sessions are not just about the creation of art, but have become very much social gatherings as well. The friendships that are strengthened, and the stories that are shared are priceless. At sessions in November, some of the conversation surrounded the Thanksgiving meal and favorite parts of the dinner. One lady likes the pecan and pumpkin pies with whip cream: “Pumpkin pie has to have whip cream on it.” Another likes the turkey - but just dark meat. It goes to show, memories of food are always in our minds - we remember great meals from the past!

The subjects of artwork were varied and all beautiful, and included a wonderful deer piece, a painting of birch trees, and a church scene. Other artwork included coloring pages, and an beautiful autumn woods piece (with chalk), a water and autumn tree piece, an owl and a church in autumn, and a mountain painting. 

Below we share just some of these gorgeous creations!