Winter wonderlands, snowy landscapes, holidays! December 2016

It's that wonderful time of the year at Artisan, when the excitement for the holiday season is in the air, and it is the season for giving, sharing, and CREATING wonderful artwork! The gorgeous creations shine through as our residents think back over their lives and remember holidays they have shared with family and loved ones. 

During art sessions in December, so many different artistic ideas were pursued. One resident used chalk to create snowy trees on black paper, and then two red chairs in the snow. Another resident chose a snowman with pine trees - and this resident, who many times tapped into Artist in Residence Amy for helped, was thrilled when she herself did most of the work completely solo. Another prolific Artisan resident painted multiple pieces, one of a very fancy Christmas tree and the other of snowflakes on a pine tree.  And yet another artist painted ornaments on a pine bough. Christmas and holiday talk abounded!