Resident Art Program

An important part of select Artisan communities is the engaging and stimulating art sessions for Artisan residents, led by our Artist-in-Residence. At art sessions, not only is amazing artwork created and confidence gained, but stories are told and memories are shared.

The Birds of Autumn - November 2015

Art sessions in early November focused on the “birds of autumn" - and there are many birds that play a part of this gorgeous season. 

Amy brought in books and beautiful photos, all of which provided inspiration to Artisan resident artists. Creativity brought forth turkeys, ducks, quail, pheasants, geese, owls, and these wonderful birds were created in a variety of ways. 


Autumn is a magnificent time of year, and a wonderful time for artists to find inspiration. From the pumpkins that are a part of Halloween, to the wonderful flowers that are abundant at this time of year (mums!) - from the colorful changing foliage to the breathtaking landscapes, there are so many artistic topics that our residents get excited about.


The night of September 27 - 28, 2015 is a very special night - when you look into the night sky you will be able to see a blood red, larger-than-life moon projecting against the stars. This harvest moon, or supermoon will also feature a lunar eclipse.  As this will not happen again until 2033, Artisan Resident Artist Amy decided that this would be a perfect theme for some recent art sessions.

Art Therapy, September 2015

This piece was created by Cleo Morschhauser, a resident of Artisan Assisted Living and Memory Care in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Art for her is a coping mechanism, a true therapy to help deal with her husband's progressing dementia. They met when she was 15 and have been married over 60 years.

Summer finale artwork, August 2015

It is the end of summer, and recent art sessions have focused on a variety of different places and items that symbolize summer.....from the beach, to lemonade, to butterflies and flowers!