Resident Art Program

An important part of select Artisan communities is the engaging and stimulating art sessions for Artisan residents, led by our Artist-in-Residence. At art sessions, not only is amazing artwork created and confidence gained, but stories are told and memories are shared.

Fall Flowers and Wisconsin Landscapes Fill Artisan with beauty - September 2016

Once Labor Day arrives, thoughts turn to the season of autumn in so many ways. At Artisan communities, our residents are inspired to be creative in the spirit of the new season - including in the inspiration that is a very important part of the art sessions that take place.

The Brilliant Sunflowers of August 2016

What better way to celebrate summer in Wisconsin than by creating fabulous works of art centered around the theme of sunflowers? Our resident artists had a wonderful time creating their masterpieces in a variety of ways: one of our residents shared memories of being a ranch hand many years ago, while he worked completely independently to create a sunset over a field of sunflowers.

Summer, summer everywhere - July 2016

Wisconsin is a wonderful place to be in the summertime with beautiful lakes and parks, landscapes, flowers and living creatures, festivals, food and music found all across the state. In Madison, the majestic Capitol Building has a special magic in the warmer months. Our Artisan residents found that they have many memories that become a centerpiece of art sessions, and this leads to many creations and the sharing of memories of summers from the past.

Amazing waterscapes and blooms - June 2016

Wisconsin is a state with lots of gorgeous landscapes. There are many beautiful bodies of water as well, and the backdrop against the waters is also simply lovely. Artisan residents recently worked with Artisan Artist in Residence Amy, and found inspiration in books, magazine, lush photographs, and memories to create stunning works that showcase the diverse beauty of Wisconsin.

Exquisite Butterflies and Blossoms - May 2016

Butterflies are a rite of passage to springtime in Wisconsin. These creatures are lovely, graceful, colorful and delicate. They are an inspiration to artists, and to the resident artists at Artisan communities.